The alternative to Flippa

Best Flippa Alternative

 Are you looking for a Flippa alternative with similar features? If yes, you've landed on the perfect website. KillerLaunch provides you with the most high-quality and premium domain names available at much lower prices than the Flippa domains marketplace.

Not only have we been able to accumulate the top premium domain names from multiple sources but have also filtered their exclusivity on the basis of type, cost, industry, etc. 

Note: All the payments made on KillerLaunch are secured by KillerLaunch Escrow, offering the same safe payment getaway as Flippa Escrow. 


KillerLaunch vs Flippa

  1. Price: Domain names and logos at KillerLaunch are available at lower commissions and lower prices, whereas at Flippa domains, the commission & cost varies. 
  2. Listing Fee: The listing fee for both the domain trading platforms, KillerLaunch and Flippa, is available at $15 per month. 
  3. Commission Rate: The commission rate for sellers at KillerLaunch stands at flat 10%, while for Flippa, the amount of commission rate varies accordingly.
  4. Logo Design: KillerLaunch, with its team holding expertise in the field of domain design, produce high-quality logo designs for their domains, that come along with the purchased domain. However, the Flippa domains marketplace has no information regarding the availability of this feature. 


Being a premium domain marketplace, KillerLaunch allows you to browse through multiple of the domain names listed on the website and grab your best match for your Killer Launch! So, what are you waiting for, grab your exclusive domain now!

Note: KillerLaunch is a staunch believer of quality over quantity, which is one of the reasons why it provides a limited number of premium quality domains for its users.