KillerLaunch FAQs:


1. How KillerLaunch works: How to buy?

Our team of domain experts and designers have curated an experience that enables you to have an unimpaired shopping experience. We've combed the internet to organize the catchiest and brandable domain names categorically for your accessibility. 
From utilizing pre-selected domains to keyword searching in the presented categories, you will undoubtedly find what you seek. 
You can buy the domain you've settled on immediately, or make an offer directly to the seller without any hindrance from a broker. A provision to save a domain name, for returning later, is also available. Only verified sellers can register for selling their domains, so quality is assured.
24/7 customer service is available to help you throughout the purchasing process.


2. How KillerLaunch works: How to sell?

We've created a welcoming environment for our sellers. Anyone can register as a seller and will be provided a dashboard that they can maintain, to be seen by their prospective customers. Notifications about payment and offers can be accessed via this dashboard. Posting and cataloging domains are at your fingertips.
A small fee of $10 is charged per month per domain for using KillerLaunch as a platform. Submission of a domain takes less than 5 minutes, and you receive offers from global buyers.  The seller can provide the necessary descriptions of the domains required by the buyer to make an informed decision along with asking price. A minimum limit for negotiation of costs can be set and offers below this limit will be rejected. 
Additional services include:
A. Free domain evaluation
B. Our team can design a domain logo on demand.
C. Customer service is at your beck and call 24/7.


3. What are the types of domains available on KillerLaunch?

KillerLaunch delights in providing fascinating and brandable domain names categorically, making your buying experience pleasant. We've combed the internet to deliver captivating and brandable names for your website. You can search through the following categories:
Finance, Technology, Startup, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain, Business, Healthcare, Retail, and many more.
We have an exclusive inventory of TLD's, with .com, .net, .org as suffixes, as they gather more traffic as compared to other terms.

4. How to find a domain name on KillerLaunch?

The home page presents you with featured and catchy domains for selection. Our smart search brings up the best results related to the searched keywords. 
For a more exhaustive search, all domains are categorized and differentiated based on industries.
24/7 customer service can be recruited to help in case any problem arises.


5. What happens once I complete the purchase on KillerLaunch?

After finishing a sale, you become the owner of the purchased domain, and the ownership is maintained with yearly registration through the registrar. Buyers can get an optional logo with their purchase.

6.  Do I get a free logo when I buy a domain name? 

Along with the purchase, KillerLaunch also supplies a logo befitting the domain, in vector format.

7. Do I get a logo when I register a domain name? 

Sellers have an additional provision to get a logo designed for their domain. Our designers send original graphics in vector format.


8.  What is KillerLaunch's refund policy?

Once an order has been placed, no refunds or exchanges are permitted as KillerLaunch is a mediator. Exceptions to the policy above are applicable if the seller fails to transfer the domain name within 10 business days after the purchase.

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