KillerLaunch for Sellers

Our interactive marketing strategy provides a welcoming and autonomous environment for sellers. Registration is available for everyone, and a personal dashboard is provided to the registered sellers. 


The dashboard provides an interface between sellers and prospective buyers and, access to notifications about payment and offers. 

A domain submission requires less than 5 minutes, and for using KillerLaunch as a platform, a nominal fee of $10 is charged.

Free domain evaluation is provided with each posting, and our team can design a logo, befitting the domain, on demand.
Seller provides necessary domain descriptions along with its cost to allow the customer to make an informed decision. Offers below the negotiation limit set will be rejected. Your activities are logged and maintained for your perusal and include active, inactive, and sold domains.


Domain dashboard features include:

- Domain's  name and its description
- Domain's validation confirmation 
- Information about the proposals made by prospective buyers
- Provision for uploading your logo or ordering one designed by finest designers
- Supplying order designs on demand
- Arrangements for a domain to be marked as featured, showcase, or catchy can be made by becoming a pro member.


Add your first domain name now.

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