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   Hi, I am Heena Vinayak, the founder at KillerLaunch.com. Connect with me over Linkedin here.


How it all began...

A few years back, we were launching our startup after its incubation. With extensive planning, we had ensured that everything was good to go. Like many, we decided to leave the establishment of our web presence for the last, misjudging the complexity of the web. Our content was prepared, but we lacked a platform. Resource allocation was modified to fulfill the arisen demands, but we struggled to find an appropriate domain name


Problems that led to KillerLaunch's inception

We found that most websites offering curated names were too expensive or not ergonomic. Researching on our own was unproductive as the vastness of the internet only led to confusion. During this search, we found that domain sellers were widespread but disconnected, providing a cumbersome domain search experience. 
The unwieldiness arose from the lack of a cheap and accessible platform for sellers to sell their domains. 
Our frustrations generated the idea for KillerLaunch, a one-stop platform for domain trading


Are you wondering why we labored to establish a digital presence?

Our friends and associates were compelling us to run our business without a domain and website to reduce costs, but we provided evidence to the contrary. We could've saved the resources spent on finding the perfect name, but it would've cost us a lot in the future and risked plunging our business into obscurity. 
Customers judge businesses' credibility and reputation from their online presence, and its absence can negatively impact a company. Understanding and employing the benefits of online marketing can boost your business.
Establishing your brand among a broader audience is easier, and its accessibility beats the traditional ways of marketing and sales. Maintaining a domain is cheaper than conventional methods of marketing and reaps more benefits. 


Encouraging startup growth in India

In the last 10 years, India has seen a boost in the inception and growth of startups. As we've encountered similar challenges as most startups, a special place is reserved for them in our hearts and minds. Mindful of these challenges, we've developed a domain trading interface that offers verified brandable domain names. 

- Heena Vinayak

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